Week of November 13, 2012



One More Night

Maroon 5


Gangnam Style



Some Nights.






We Are Never Ever Getting Back....

Taylor Swift


Die Young



Locked Out of Heaven

Bruno Mars


As Long As You Love Me

Justin Bieber


Too Close

Alex Clare


Let Me Love You




Music News

Green Day


Warner Music

Green Day's new millennium elevation to Very Important Band is so complete that when they decided to return to their frivolous punk roots they couldn't do it in a small way. They started to knock out a bunch of garage punk tunes and wound up with not one but three collections of punk-pop: a trilogy entitled ˇUno!, ˇDos!, ˇTré!, each released within a couple months of one another. For as many passing references to the Clash as there are on ˇUno! -- musical and lyrical, with the opening "Nuclear Family" alluding to the riff of "Safe European Home" and "Rusty James" talking about the "last gang in town" -- this is no Sandinista!, as it finds Green Day shrinking their world, not expanding it.


Music News

No Doubt

"Push and Shove"

Interscope Records

Underneath it all, underneath all the glamour and stardom, No Doubt remain a group of SoCal kids enraptured by the ska revival and new wave. That’s their common language, so when they reunited for 2o12’s Push and Shove, their first album in over ten years, they returned to this shared bond, using it as a back-to-roots template for an album that deftly weaves in contemporary sounds without ever pandering. Part of this dexterity is due to No Doubt expanding their love of ska outward toward reggae and dancehall, underlining their affection with bouncing elastic rhythms and a heavy dose of patois -- nowhere more so than on the Major Lazer-assisted single “Push and Shove” -- a self-conscious move toward musical maturity that does indeed pay off as it plays like an affirmation of roots. Similarly, the cool, glassy gloss of their pop tunes and ballads -- “Gravity, “Undercover,” “Heaven” -- feel connected to their grounding in early MTV; perhaps their natural ebullience has been tempered by age, but this remains the same stylish, hooky pop that turned No Doubt into unexpected superstars in the back half of the ‘90s.





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